I'm a military spouse, a Retired Army Officer and also a direct seller and leader with FOR EVERY HOME.  I'm always on the hunt for unique items as gifts (usually last minute from my daughters!), or rewards for my team members.  I created this business when I saw the need for a more affordable option that covered a broader spectrum of customers.  I also like that I can bring more options to my customers as I work with different sources.


Starting Charming Incentives was a family decision.  It's something fun that I can say my family has helped me build.  Even the logo was decided by my family and it includes all 4 of our birthstones within it.  Can you find them?

I believe you will love your locket! Whether you received it as a gift or purchased it for yourself - it - like you - is unique!

Remember that your locket is not sealed forever.  I hope that you return back for more additions to your charm collection. 

I've had several questions on expanding.  This currently is not a direct sales business or franchise.